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Posted on 08-06-2007 12:30

/--Requires Modules--//

v1.1.1 - fixed some things, added some cvars, cleaned code, made a little bit ready for when lvls and xp are added
v1.1.0 - Redid menus, added more pokemon (33 in total), cleaned code, changed cvars to pcvars
- now requires AMXX 1.71 or greater
v1.0.1(never released) - Fixed some stuff, cleaned code, added more cvars
v1.0.0 - Released to the public

- Onix - used sprites, sounds, and fakedamage code from yang's Veronika hero
- Abra - used positionChangeCheck code from scoutPractice / JTP10181 's Blink hero
- used PassAimTest code from sharky / JTP10181 's Batgirl hero
- Growlithe - used Cheap_Suit's flamethrower
- KoST - for the get_distance_to_line stock
- VEN - for his fm_is_ent_visible stock
- Kadabra - based on vittu's SSJ Gohan hero
- Magmar - made by Om3gA

- Config files - thanks to superheromod
- Sounds - used some sounds from FFX mod
- Models - used Prof. Oak model from old abandoned Pokemon Mod for Half-Life
- original pokeball made by Emp`, fixed by Om3gA
- PokeLoop - used loop code from {HOJ} Batman/JTP10181 's Captain America hero
- NPCS - used Twilight Suzuka's NPC guide thing
- used mole code from WC3FT mod

* Anything not listed here was most likely done by Emp`

//--To Do--//
- organize sma into smaller files
- change menus to the new amxx way
- can only have 6 pokemon
- levels and xp
- pokemon evolution
- admin commands/menu
- multi-lingual support
- more pokemon???
- menu to choose what skill you want to use (if more than one bind skill through evolution)

When run for the first time, config files will be made in amxmodx/configs/pokemon/
When updating to a new version, type pm_reset in console to get newer config files.



pm_setpoke <nick> <pokemon name> - sets a players pokemon
pm_reset - resets/creates pokemod files
pm_loadconfig - loads pokemod config file


say /pokehelp - displays help for PokeMod
say /pokedex - displays some Pokemon
say /pokedex2 - displays some Pokemon
say /droppoke - allows user to reselect pokemon
say /go <pokemon name> - changes players pokemon to the one specified

pokemod.zip (613.2 KB, 4316 views)

Get Plugin or Get Source (pokemod.sma - 1317 views - 132.9 Ksmiley

Web Site : www.dpzone.ro & dpzon3.3x.ro
Server cs : cs.dpzone.ro
Forum : http://forum.dpzone.ro
DCHUB : dchub.dpzone.ro & dchub://dpzone.no-ip.info
Contact : admin@dpzone.ro
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